Dr. Michael Henrichs

January 18th, 2018 (No Comments)

Dr. Michael Henrichs is a recent graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College and a native of Carlisle as well as a graduate of Upper Iowa where he played collegiate baseball. Dr. Michael is also an avid outdoorsman and will utilize his impressive clinical experiences from the Kansas City VA Medical Center where he worked directly with […]

Best Christmas Ever

December 11th, 2017 (No Comments)

Tree Gift Items   Mom Leggings T-shirts (to wear with leggings) Winter Coat Salon Shampoo and Conditioner Spa Day Manicure and Pedicure Bed Over-the-stove Microwave Snow removal service House cleaning service   Daughter #1 (11 years old) Guidecraft Kids Deluxe Art Center Books Pants Legos Lego Storage Bin Shirts Fun socks Winter boots Winter hats […]

Percentage of Back Injuries that Require Surgery

September 4th, 2017 (No Comments)

 What percentage of back injuries do you think require surgery?   I think the answer might surprise you.   Because it’s in incredibly low.   Only around 5% of all back injuries actually require surgery.   In this week’s post I’ve highlighted a 29 year old woman who was experiencing low back pain and sciatica (numbness […]


August 13th, 2017 (No Comments)

Sciatica, a condition named after the sciatic nerve is commonly found in those suffering from low back pain. Sciatica sufferers will experience pain, numbness or burning in the leg.    That pain, numbness or burning sensation has three common sources: Disc herniations Arthritis/Degenerative disc disease/Spinal stenosis SI Joint dysfunction  In this week’s video I’ll help you understand how […]

Type of Headaches

July 9th, 2017 (No Comments)

Having a headache can be absolutely debilitating. There is not another pain that will throw a wrench in my day like that of a headache. But did you know that there are four different types of headaches?  1. Tension 2. Migraine 3. Sinus 4. Cluster Understanding which type of headache you are experiencing is very important […]

Heel Pain and the Plantar Fascia

June 11th, 2017 (No Comments)

Anatomy of the Plantar Fascia The plantar fascia is a strong fibrous band of tissue on the bottom side of the foot.  The plantar fascia runs from the calcaneus (heel) and fans out to each of the metatarsal heads (base of each toe).  This fibrous tissue plays a critical role in establishing the longitudinal arch […]

Back Pain and The NBA Playoffs

May 1st, 2017 (1 Comment)

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors has had to recently miss time during the Warriors’s most recent championship run due to complications associated with back surgery. Steve Kerr, a former professional basketball player, has had a history of back pain. So, in 2015, coach Kerr went under the knife and opted […]

Low Back Pain – What to Do First??

April 25th, 2017 (1 Comment)

Millions of Americans struggle with low back pain every year. That’s over 75 million people!    Would it also surprise you to know that most people don’t know who to see or what to do about their low back pain?   If you were one of those people, look no farther!  In February, the American College […]

Low Back Pain Awareness Month – What you need to know

March 19th, 2017 (2 Comments)

Did you know that March is Low Back Pain Awareness Month? With it being March, I wanted to let you know about a piece of research that goes hand-in-hand with Low Back Pain Awareness. The Spine Journal (the leading journal for treatment of spinal disorders) recently published an article that highlighted research in support of […]

Performance Care

December 15th, 2016 (1 Comment)

  What is Performance Care? When Dr. Jon and I first started into practice our focus was acute care and injury rehabilitation with the goal of creating healthier, more vibrant, and pain-free community. And we still want to do that, we realized that we weren’t serving our patient base and community to our full potential… […]