CrossFit 14.4 Mobility Strategy

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The Open 14.4


The Chipper

14 minute chipper of the following:

  • 60 calorie row
  • 50 Toes-to-bar
  • 40 Wall Balls
  • 30 Cleans
  • 20 Muscle Ups


Based on these movements, we put together a mobility strategy for 14.4, targeting three different movement/positions of emphasis for our male and female athletes.

  1. Horizontal Pull
    1. Anterior Shoulder Tissue Length Restrictions
    2. Scapular Sliding Surface Function
  2. Modified L-Sit (Hip Flexion w/Knee Extension)
    1. Hip Extensors Tissue Length Restrictions
    2. Hip Flexor Sliding Surface Function
  3. Global Extension
    1. Shoulder/Chest Tissue Length Restrictions
    2. Shoulder T-Spine Joint Mobility

We also wanted to give some quick strategy tips for the workout!

  • Be smart on the row – Use big long pulls to rack up calories quickly and efficiently, but remember you’ll be there for around 3 minutes, don’t burn out too quickly.  For guys use a higher damper number like a 8-9, girls use around a 6-7
  • Hook grip – Save your grip strength by hooking all the cleans.  Try doing singles and quickly reestablish your hook grip every rep.
  • Don’t waste reps – Getting no-repped is always brutal, but it’s also preventable. Be sure to keep you wall ball shots above your target line.


Good luck to everyone! We’ll be right there with you, for the 14 minutes of awesome!

Also, don’t hesitate to give us a shout with any specific mobility or injury related questions or concerns in regards to 14.4!



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Dr. Brooks Newton
Dr. Brooks Newton

Dr. Brooks Newton is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and a CrossFit Mobility Trainer. He specializes in the treatment of orthopedic and sport injuries which has lead him to work with athletes from the ranging from the NFL, NHL, Crossfit Games, NCAA Div I, II, and III, and the Chinese Olympic Teams.

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