CrossFit 14.5 Mobility Strategy

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14.5 Champs

14.5 a Clash of Champions

So the champs made that look far too easy…..

Have a look here as Dr. Brooks and fellow CrossFitter, friend, and patient Luke Reiland take you through some mobility strategy to prepare for the last and final CrossFit Open WOD: 14.5.

Luke is owner and coach at our local affiliate CrossFit 8035 and currently sits in 10th place of the North Central Region and in 110th place Worldwide.  Look and listen as he and Dr. Brooks demonstrate the mobility techniques and tips from DSM Spine+Sport.


CrossFit Open 14.5

That there is a lot of reps! 168 to be exact.  Also, NO time-cap on this workout, so come ready to work!

Here are the details for domination:

In CrossFit, efficiency reigns supreme.  Here are some mobilization and efficiency tips for both the thruster and burpee.


  1. Maintain upright torso
    1. T-Spine mobility work
      1. Foam Roller Extensions
      2. Bretzel
      3. Around the Worlds
  2. Maintain high elbows
    1. Lat Mobilizations
      1. “Buddy” Lat Mob
      2. PVP Lat Mob


  1. Modified Yoga Practice:
    1. Rag Doll
      1. Posterior Chain length
        1. Hamstring Mob
    2. Low-Cobra
      1. Anterior Chain Length
        1. Couch Mob

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Dr. Jon Roed

Dr. Jon Roed is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University–College of Chiropractic in Minneapolis, MN. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

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