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The Champs -  Annie Thorisdottir (2011, 2012), Sam Briggs (2013), and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (2014)

The Champs
Annie Thorisdottir (2011, 2012), Sam Briggs (2013), and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (2014)

Movement Efficiency

CrossFit Open WOD 15.5

CrossFit Open WOD 15.5

And that’s a wrap!! CrossFit Open WOD 15.5 officially wraps up the 2015 Open season. This couplet of thrusters and row for calories should be the burner of a workout that we’ve been missing this Open season.

Our mobility and movement efficiency strategy is brought to you with the help of CrossFit 515‘s three queens: Jamie Kellow, Kady Noyce, and Lindsay Vaught!

Our strategy will focus primarily on the thruster. To move efficiently throughout the shoulder, an athlete needs optimal hip flexionextension, and abduction as well as shoulder flexion.

The row also incorporates large amounts of hip flexion and extension, but it will also involve lumbar flexion and extension.

Mobility Techniques

1. 2-for-1 Couch Stretch

– 2 minutes on each side

– Focus on opening up both anterior and posterior chains of hip

2. Captain Morgan Hip Opener

– 1-2 minutes on each side

– Focus on driving hip open – knees out

3. Banded Shoulder Flexion

– 2 minutes each side

– Focus on upright torso with abdomen engaged and ribs tucked down

4. Russian Baby Maker

– 5 to 6 repetitions at a time throughout 2 minutes

– Focus on rounding and elongating through the hips and low back at top position while extending at the low back at the bottom position

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Dr. Brooks Newton
Dr. Brooks Newton

Dr. Brooks Newton is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and a CrossFit Mobility Trainer. He specializes in the treatment of orthopedic and sport injuries which has lead him to work with athletes from the ranging from the NFL, NHL, Crossfit Games, NCAA Div I, II, and III, and the Chinese Olympic Teams.

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