Sports Injuries

sports injuries

We Specialize in the Treatment, Diagnosis and Prevention of Sports Injuries

An increasing numbers of people are heeding the advice of healthcare professionals to lead an active lifestyle because of all of the health benefits exercise has to offer. But a lot of people — especially those who overdo or who don’t properly train or warm up — the benefits of exercise can come at an unintended cost: sports injuries.

Fortunately, most sports injuries can be treated effectively, and most people who suffer injuries can return to a satisfying level of physical activity after or during a sports injury. Sports injuries, in the broad sense, refer to the kinds of injuries that most commonly occur during sports or exercise. These sports injuries commonly result from simple accidents, but a lot of the sports injuries treated by physicians and sports chiropractors are preventable and result from:

  • Poor training practices
  • Improper equipment
  • Lack of conditioning
  • Insufficient warm-up and stretching

Although almost any part of your body can become injured during sports or exercise, but the term sports injuries is usually reserved for injuries to your musculoskeletal system, which includes the muscles, bones, ligaments, etc.

Sports injuries are classified into two different categories: overuse injuries and traumatic injury.  An injury that is traumatic in nature occurs after a sudden incident that causes acute tissue damage.  This can be a ligament rupture, a broken bone, or other fast occurring injury.

running injury
Overuse injuries are a result of continuous stress on the same tissue from a movement that has been done hundreds to thousands of times. These injuries can be present in the form of a tendonopathy or stress fracture. A majority of people do not realize that most sports injuries fall into the “overuse” category of a repetitive strain and stress injury.

lifting injury
These injuries are common and this is typically due to the fact that many athletic endeavors require the athlete to continuously train and practice the same motion over and over again–for example, a runner taking thousands of strides training for a race, or a tennis player practicing a backhand hundreds of times per practice.

sport injury
In relation to the high level athletes, the common individual can similarly suffer the same type of overuse injury.  This can be from sitting at a desk with an outstretched arm while using a mouse all day, or swinging a hammer on a job site.  These injuries are the result of damage to the soft tissues of the involved area and can be quite uncomfortable.

Whether your injury is traumatic in nature or the result of overuse, there is never a good reason to try to “play through” the pain of a sports injury. When you have pain from a particular movement or activity, stop that activity and seek diagnosis and treatment. Continuing the activity can only causes further harm.

Some injuries require prompt medical attention, while others can be self-treated. Book an appointment online today with the Sports Chiropractors at DSM Spine+Sport to get on the road to recovery.