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Low back pain – Glute Bridge

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Over the last few week’s, we’ve highlighted a number of strategies to implement for low back pain. We’re continuing with that theme in this week’s Movement Monday video.

This week’s Movement Monday video takes a look at a dynamic stability exercise – The Glute Bridge.

Urbandale chiropractor outlines a glute bridge for low back pain.

Our patients experiencing low back pain typically display deficits in one of four areas:

  1. Hip mobility
  2. Abdominal stability (Core strength, abdominal facilitation, etc.)
  3. Thoracic spine mobility
  4. Dynamic neuromuscular control

The Glute Bridge is a great way to train both abdominal stability as well as some dynamic neuromuscular control.

Take a look at this week’s Movement Monday video where Jon and I walk you and talk you through the specifics of the Glute Bridge.

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