Low back pain – Glute Bridge

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Over the last few week’s, we’ve highlighted a number of strategies to implement for low back pain. We’re continuing with that theme in this week’s Movement Monday video.

This week’s Movement Monday video takes a look at a dynamic stability exercise – The Glute Bridge.

Urbandale chiropractor outlines a glute bridge for low back pain.

Our patients experiencing low back pain typically display deficits in one of four areas:

  1. Hip mobility
  2. Abdominal stability (Core strength, abdominal facilitation, etc.)
  3. Thoracic spine mobility
  4. Dynamic neuromuscular control

The Glute Bridge is a great way to train both abdominal stability as well as some dynamic neuromuscular control.

Take a look at this week’s Movement Monday video where Jon and I walk you and talk you through the specifics of the Glute Bridge.

At Des Moines Spine+Sport we utilize cutting-edge chiropractic and physical medicine practices to allow our patients to get better faster. We strive to destroy pain and facilitate function as quickly as we can. We have no interest in making life long patients. Through the use of hands-on techniques we are able to destroy pain which allows our patients to live pain free.



6 Ways to Prepare for the CrossFit Open with DSM Spine+Sport

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The Open 2015

The Open 2015


The CrossFit Open is quickly approaching. The worldwide event kicks off in less than a month on February 26th. Athletes everywhere are putting the finishing touches on their preparation strategies for the upcoming test of fitness.

With the window for preparation quickly closing, our clinic has seen an influx of those CrossFit athletes looking to fine tune their bodies. Here’s a look at six ways our athletes are preparing their bodies for the CrossFit Open:

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How to Deadlift 1155 pounds without Low Back Pain

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Your low back, more specifically your lumbar spine, has the ability to move and bear enormous weights (see the 1155 pounds below). This ability is unique when compared to the other regions of the spine. To effectively bear enormous loads, such as 1155 pounds, the low back must be in a stable position. When not in a stable position, low back pain follows.

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Low Back Injuries in Competitive CrossFit

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Rory Z

CrossFit Games Athlete Rory Zambard

It’s that time of year again. The CrossFit community is gearing up for “the Open.” The CrossFit Games Open is a worldwide competition that takes place over a five week period.  Last year athletes from over 100 countries registered online to enter and complete a series of workouts. The workouts are timed, judged, and scored. Athletes are then ranked based on performance. Top performing athletes move on to regional competitions and from there to a worldwide event, the Reebok CrossFit Games. The athletes that qualify for the CrossFit Games are the best in the world. Most have sponsors and contracts. They are professional athletes. This is the sport of CrossFit. Read More