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The 2015 CrossFit Open is quickly approaching. Somewhat surprisingly, there have been some changes made to this year’s format. Let’s look at what will know will be different in this year’s Open and how it will affect you.

Barbells - CrossFit Open

For those who don’t know, the Open is CrossFit’s first step to naming the fittest man and woman on Earth. It’s the beginning of the 2015 Games season and is followed by a Regional competition and then the worldwide Games in California. In the Open, anyone can sign up to compete in five workouts over five weeks and post their scores online. Last year, the Open reached more than 200,000 athletes from around the world. I’ll break down the changes made to the format to help you feel more confident about signing up.

Format Changes

Combined Regionals

In previous years, there has been a total of 17 regions across the globe. An athletes placement in the Open determines if he or she continues on to perform in each region’s Regional competition. New this year, are combined Regional competition sites, making “super” Regional sites.

New for 2015, top athletes in each region will face top athletes from at least one other region in the new regional format. The combinations look as follows.

  1. Canada West and North West Regions — West Regional
  2. Canada East and North East Regions — East Regional
  3. NorCal and SoCal Regions — California Regional
  4. North Central and Central East Regions — Central Regional
  5. South West, South Central and Latin America Regions — SouthRegional
  6. Mid Atlantic and South East Regions — Atlantic Regional
  7. Europe and Africa Regions — Meridian Regional
  8. Australia and Asia Regions — Pacific RegionalNew Regional Map - CrossFit Open
Scaled Open Workouts
Hanging Knee Raises - Scaled CrossFit Open

For the first time, scaled versions of the week’s Open workout will be available so athletes can choose the programming that best matches their abilities. This allows for a wider range of athletes to participate and follow strict standards guidelines for each workout which is released. Also, choosing the scaled version of the workout one week will not prevent an athlete from doing the next workout as prescribed (Rx). However, if an athlete wants to be viewed on the scaled leaderboard, they must do all the workouts in that fashion. The scaled workouts will be challenging and rewarding at the same time. I feel it’s an excellent move by CrossFit HQ to keep the Open challenging for the elite athletes, as well as making the Open more approachable.

Teen Division

These are exciting times for the sport of CrossFit! A teenage division for athletes who are between 14 and 17 years old is also being added this year. Teens will have their own modified workouts to do each week and their own leaderboard. Making teens a part of the CrossFit community is huge. It extends the benefits of health and fitness which CrossFit facilitates to another demographic. As both a fan of CrossFit as a sport and a proponent of health, I personally view this addition as very positive and encouraging addition. Teen Division - New to the CrossFit Open

What We’re Doing to Help

Last year we had a great response to our Movement Monday campaign, especially the special Open segments. Because of this, we are bringing back our Mobility Strategies and Open Tips for the 2015 CrossFit Open. The 2015 season begins Thursday, Feb. 26 and we’ll be bringing you strategies to optimize your workouts and prevent injury. Here’s a look at our clip outlining the grueling Open workout 14.5 last year.

We’ve also seen an influx of athletes attempting to fine tune their bodies is these last few weeks. Here’s a peak at Dr. Brooks’s latest post highlighting what our athletes have been doing to prepare with us.

Best of luck in the upcoming CrossFit Open!

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